Fracktal Works

Multi Material Printing

Julia+ FDM printers allows
you to use a wide range
of thermoplastics.

Ranging from ABS/PLA to various Composite Materials as well as Flexible and Conductive Filaments, our printer will desired material. Choose your preference and print away!

Filament Sensing

Ran out of filament
while printing?
Julia+ will alert you!

No more mid print crisis, Julia+ alerts you when your printer runs out of filament or your filament is stuck while printing. The alert enables you to change or alter the problem and starts printing from where you last left without any hassles.

Warranty & Support

Julia+ is warranted against
defects for a period
of one year.

Julia has a warranty of 1 year after sales. The limited warranty period covers any defects in workmanship under normal use. Fracktal will repair or replace any malfunctioning printer or parts.

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