Fracktal Works

Multi Material Printing

Julia+ FDM printers allows
you to use a wide range
of thermoplastics.

Ranging from ABS/PLA to various Composite Materials as well as Flexible and Conductive Filaments, our printer will desired material. Choose your preference and print away!

Filament Sensing

Ran out of filament
while printing?
Julia+ will alert you

No more mid print crisis, Julia+ alerts you when your printer runs out of filament or your filament is stuck while printing. The alert enables you to change or alter the problem and starts printing om where you last left without any hassles.

Warranty & Support

Julia+ is warranted against
defects  for a period
of one year

From the date of original retail purchase (Warranty Period) when use accordance to Fractal Work’s user manual. Under this warrant one will be able to direct claims Works. If a defect arises during the warranty period, Fracktal will repair the printer at no charge equivalent to new in performance and reliability.


With extensive research and development, Fracktal Works brings Julia+ a reliable printer for all your complex prints. Julia+ helps perform difficult prints of all shapes and sizes when you need it.

  • Julia is setting standards with reliable and affordable desktop 3D printing.
  • Fracktal’s extensive 3D Ecosystem (hardware, software, accessories, support, solutions & services, and more) makes 3D printing easier and more accessible for everyone.
  • Julia is built on the key targets of quality, affordability and aesthetics which makes the printer feasible and economical.
  • Local support from Authorized Reseller & Service Provider.

Empower creation with our FDM printer Julia+
Create successful prototypes for your industry needs using materials such as PLA, Nylon 618, Wood fill, Copper fill and ABS.

Direct Drive: Direct drive maximizes filament feed torque enabling julia to print
flexible compositions like Nylon 618, ABS, PLA and other material.

Filament Sensor: Julia’s new filament sensor ensures reliable printing alerting
you of problems or filament run out.

Replaceable Nozzles: Replaceable nozzles enable you to change from 0.25mm
to 0.8mm nozzles.

Heating Print Bed: Heating print bed enables you to print engineering
thermoplastics like ABS, Nylon 618, to keep warping at a minimum.

  • Layer resolution: up to 80 um
  • Build volume: 21 cm × 25 cm × 26 cm
  • Recommended filament diameter: 1.75 mm
  • Nozzle diameter: 0.2- 0.8 mm (Replaceable Nozzle)
  • Print technology: Fused filament fabrication (FFF)
  • Stand-alone: SD-card printing
  • Frame dimension X Y Z: 48 mm × 47 mm × 42 mm
  • Operation nozzle temperature: 180-260 °C
  • Software: Fracktory

Let’s Work Together

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