Fracktal Works

About us


It is pleasure to have you stop by and let us introduce ourselves to you. We could not introduce ourselves in person therefore we have put a few words together about us so that you get to know what we do better. Let us start from the beginning.

We are a company born and incubated with the thought of enabling people to experience and empower creation with 3D printing. Weather it is making a mechanical part for your car or a prototype of a shoe; we set it as a goal to enable you to make these things with our device. We made our pioneering device that can be used by any industry for a varied number of purposes.

We began our company in the year 2013 and we are headquartered in the IT city of India, Bengaluru. We love tinkering, innovating and reinventing so that our community can benefit from it. As we grow we follow our hearts and instincts, we collaborate, share and still grow.

Today as a company we’ve grown from 2 to 25 strong, creating products which help various clients create one layer at a time.

We know that you can help us make the unbelievable, believable by empowering creation.


Let’s Work Together

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