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Vision Meets Technology – A Quick Recap Of The 3D Printing Workshop By OnePlus And Fracktal Works

 At Fracktal Works, we firmly believe in :

  1. Hands-on learning
  2. Design thinking
  3. Having a good time!

We’ll get to the hands-on learning and good times in a bit, but let’s talk about design thinking first.

What Is Design Thinking?

Design thinking is a systematic approach to problem solving that takes a broad view, and keeps in mind the problem and the solution. This approach to problem solving calls for the thinker to dip into their reserves of both imagination and logic.

It leads to design that’s human centric. Sometimes, it’s easy to forget that all products are ultimately designed for people. Human-centric design gives rise to great solutions that work in a real-world setting.

You can see the results of this approach in the One Plus One, and in our very own Julia. You can buy a low-budget 3D printer right now, simply because we kept our customer base in mind during the design stage.

You can also see the results of design thinking in the products designed by OnePlus. This mobile phone manufacturer from Japan has repeatedly taken the smartphone market by storm. First with the release of the OnePlus One, followed by the even more powerful OnePlus Two. Now, they’re poised to release a lower-price-point smartphone, the OnePlus X.

OnePlus approached Fracktal works to set up a 3D printing workshop in Bangalore. This was the perfect platform to implement design thinking in practice! A workshop that seeks to spread awareness about design thinking and promotes hands-on learning? Sign us up.

The Two-Day Funfest

The objective of this workshop was to help OnePlus owners and enthusiasts design and 3D print accessories for their phones. It was also meant to promote 3D printing in India.

The response we received was phenomenal! The workshop was conducted over two days, and both days saw a turnout of around 20 people each. We were pleasantly surprised to see that the attendees were pretty diverse in terms of age groups. We had people from 16 all the way to 60 staying from 9am to 9pm, learning the ins and outs of 3D printing technology.

The first step was to teach them the process of 3D printing, right from the conception and design to the finished product.

Empowerment Through Technology

The participants ideated and came up with a variety of accessories. These included charging stands, volume amplifiers, phone cases, and earphone holders. They provided valuable input, straight from the source—the end user.

Once the idealization was done, our in-house designers helped bring the designs to life using CAD.

The CAD designs were complete and then all that was left to do was fire up Julia. Some restless waiting and the models were done! The resulting products were usable and fulfilled very specific and customized needs. An impressive feat, considering that most participants had no experience with this technology before the workshop.

The participants left, beaming, with freshly-printed accessories in tow.

It was an absolute delight for everyone involved, us included, to watch creativity and vision being brought to life using technology.

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